Income Tax: opportunities and challenges for accountants

Income Tax brings great opportunities, but it is also challenging for accountants. See how to take advantage of this time. Do you see Income Tax as an opportunity or a challenge for your accounting firm ? The truth is that the IR has two sides: it is a moment with high revenue potential and new business, but it can also impact other projects of the company with high demand. Therefore, the secret is to reconcile your current demands with the statements, in addition to making the most of this period when accounting is on the rise. We’ll help you find that balance with exclusive tips from an experienced accountant. Keep reading and take advantage of the extension of the IR 2020 delivery deadline to grow even more at this time.

Income tax: how to deal with this demand?

The Income Tax season continues to be one of the most important for accounting offices, but the moment is also challenging . On the one hand, it is an opportunity to generate revenue and expand the customer base with a service that is still  France Phone Number Data  essential for most accounting firms. On the other hand, this increase in demand also translates into an impact on the routine of companies, which are at the limit of capacity to serve all customers. In some cases, even the partners stop what they are doing and join the operation to help the team handle all the IR return deliveries. The risk is delaying other deliveries and projects, or the migration to digital accounting itself , due to this sudden increase in workload.

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How to compromise other office routines?

That’s what we’re going to discuss next. 7 tips for paying your income tax To help you overcome your IRS challenges and take advantage of this annual opportunity, we’ve put together some tips from an accounting expert. Our Partner Conta Azul and reference in the accounting market Anderson Hernandes , CEO of Tactus Contabilidade and speaker, shared his experience and insights to B2C Lead handle the IR without jeopardizing other projects at the office. See what he recommends for your business. 1. Don’t stop your company due to the IR The first tip for dealing with this period is not to stop your business just to meet the IR. As much as it is an important moment, focusing only on it can delay essential deliveries and impact projects that will generate losses throughout the year – such as an interrupted digital migration, for example.

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