How to find cheap products on Ebay – my six favorite tricks

How to find cheap products on Ebay – my six favorite tricks. The other day a person from our team found a Lego EOL collection that was selling for 600 euros plus 50 euros shipping costs if I remember correctly. They were recently in Amazon warehouses and four units were sold yesterday, totaling a turnover of 150 euros. The cost per unit was a little more than 8 euros. On Amazon we have sold only four graduated cards this month that have made us earn 600 euros clean. Possibly this month we will not fully achieve the results achieved from the previous month.

Search alerts

Search alerts. I had a Pokémon card in sight that was on Ebay for sale for 350 euros. The value is also explained because it is graded with PSA with a grade of 10. On several email leads occasions I was about to buy it until I decided to set an alert to be one of the first to identify new listings. I think they barely passed until I received an alert where that same card was up for auction. although it will be just barely. We will continue investing those 140 euros and we will see how they evolve.

Sort by “first to finish”

Sort by “first to finish” Right now I have put the brakes on but there were weekends where I would rest for 15 minutes on the couch and B2C Lead at the same time I would start bidding on Ebay. My intention was to find Pokémon cards at a very good price. This is sometimes achieved by ordering listings by “first to finish.” Yesterday YouTube suggested a video of a girl with the title “How I managed to become a millionaire overnight” or something similar. 

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