Hoping to develop closer relationships with consumers

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Line is a powerful membership management tool that can satisfy functions such as membership points. Membership system. And gift r.Emption. As the line platform technology matures. Brands are logging in to line to establish official accounts one after another.  and turn them into sales.  Hoping to develop  But after the brand invests resources. How does it use data to optimize line’s membership management plan? Introduction to 5 useful functions of line membership management through member management through line. Brands can fully control the life cycle of members.

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User growth model to explain Hoping to develop  how brands can effectively enhance customer interaction and loyalty through the five major functions of line membership management: 1. Acquisition : use line lap Taiwan WhatsApp Number List advertising to accurately attract traffic. Attract potential customers to enter the brand’s private domain line account. And prompt them to bind members. 2. Activation : in the brand’s private domain line. Through messages and interactive games. It increases the opportunities for interaction between the brand and customers. Enhances customers’ impression and favorability of the brand. And at the same time attracts customers to make purchases through interesting games.

 Revenue send member-exclusive coupons

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To guide customers to spend in physical stores or e-commerce. Members can also directly check consumption  UK WhatsApp Number List records. Order information. Point rewards and other relat. Information on the line digital membership card after consumption. 4. Retention : combining the line digital membership card with the membership loyalty platform . Customers can use points to r.Eem brand gifts. Event experiences. Etc.

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