Have you only focused on growing your brand

March 24, 2024 0 Comments

In the past year,  but fail to . Botice that the outlet gate . Of the customer reservoir is wide open, and customers are running around and never come back? In this case, if you want your brand to grow by 10% . Have you only  you can’t just use 10% of your efforts, you have to set the.  Goal to 14%, so as to make up for the lost 4% of customer contributions.

 Now that it’s the  Have you only  beginning of a

New year, let’s reorganize it and check the water quality. The gate also wakes up lost customers so that the water Hong Kong WhatsApp Number Data  level in the customer reservoir can be kept full of live water! Today let’s talk about “waking up lost customers”. According to the american marketing association ama report, the chance of waking up lost customers is up to 8 times higher than acquiring new customers from the sea.

The actions of mcdonald’s in the united

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States are even more this . Statistic is confirm: after a series of research investigations, they found that the revenue  Belarus WhatsApp Number List lost in the past few years was not taken away by those . Restaurants” that provi quick servic. But was still affect by competing products of fast food restaurants. Therefore, mcdonald’s in the unit states has decid that it cannot unilaterally invest its budget to dig out new customers for its “Restaurants.

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