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For example people NFTs became popular mainly thanks to CryptoPunks , CryptoKitties , and The Bor Ape Yacht . All of these are available on Ethereum, a blockchain with the second most popular digital currency after Bitcoin, Ether. Initially aim at collecting, buying digital goods such as CryptoKitty or Bor Ape over time it has gain a similar importance to joining an elite membership club with exclusive access to concerts and private events.

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Known as Cozomo de’ Mici) even calls seo expate bd himself “ grand patron of digital art ”, not only actively investing in entire sets of rare BAYC (Bor Apes), but also in other famous collections of NFTs. Why Do People Buy NFTs? Simply put, NFTs can express support for a brand, platform, or person, have personal sentimental value, serve as an investment for long-term business goals, or simply be part of a larger collection of unique items. , in a similar way to those accumulat through traditional art and antiques auctions.

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NFTs are intend solely for trading B2C Lead or admiring, others can be us for gaming, for example, in the form of personaliz avatars or custom-made gear in virtual reality. But if video games might make you think of buying NFTs as just a playground for teenagers, NTF-friendly platforms like Upland will encourage you to think again. Upland, dubb by the founders as a Metaverse of Earth, allows you to create your own world and flip virtual properties by driving exchange through the basic principles of supply and demand economics. The platform uses its own internal coin, UPX, but is power by the EOS blockchain which ensures ownership to its users. Upland is an intersection of real and virtual worlds with its Play-to-Earn gaming model, where you can enter an open.

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