Google now lets EU users choose which services

Google just announced changes for  users in Europe that will allow them. Therefore to determine exactly how much data sharing is appropriate for them. The new policy, which the company said was in response to the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA). Allows users to opt out of sharing data across all. Therefore some or none of a select number of Google services. Services listed include YouTube, Search, ad services. Google Play, Chrome, Google Shopping, and Google Maps. But this policy isn’t watertight. Google still shares user data when necessary to complete a task.(for example, if you pay for a purchase on Google Shopping with Google Pay) to comply with the law, prevent fraud, or protect against abuse.

 Google will have to make to comply with the DMA

This isn’t the biggest Asia Phone Number List change Google will have to make to comply with the DMA, which takes effect on March 6. The law also includes additional rules on cooperation and competition . For example, Google can no longer prioritize its services in Search rankings over other third-party services. Not all Big Tech is on board with many DMA changes. Although Google chose not to appeal its gatekeeper status, Apple, Meta and TikTok owner ByteDance are fighting against the appointment in court. The European Union isn’t the only government to take issue with Google’s largesse of user data.

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Google’s new DMA changes are causing some users to share

In the United States, the Justice Afghanistan Phone Number List Department sued. Google in what is likely the country’s largest antitrust case since the government took over Microsoft in the 1990s. In one of its arguments, the DOJ argued that the large amount of user data. Google has collected over the years has led to the creation of a “data fortress” that helps the company remain the world’s leading search engine. However, Google’s new DMA changes are causing some users to share. The company noted that if a user separates Search, YouTube and Chrome.It will reject their own recommendations on YouTube.

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