Distrust in Reason and Its

Third: The increase in Muslims in that country is not only due to the demographic growth in the land of Napoleon (1.6%), but also due to the increase in conversions to Islam. Each year, approximately 3,600 individuals convert to Islam, many of them children of mix marriages. Another important aspect is the economic and social one. The majority live in peripheral areas of Paris or in cities such as Marseille, Lyon and Strasbourg. For example, in the department of Seine-Saint-Denis, in the suburbs of Paris, a proportionally high Muslim population persists, but with a high unemployment rate of 30% .

Cultural Circuit of

 Another proof of the marginal situation of Muslims in France is that they represent 70% of the prison population. According to experts, the ISIS attacks in France want to make known to the world that true integration in French lands is impossible. Jean-Charles Brisard, international consultant on terrorism and expert on the financing b2b email list of jihadist networks, states: “France is the country that provides the most jihadists. There would be 600 in Syria and Iraq, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior, but more than 2,000 according to unofficial sources from the information services.

Peoples with a Colonialist

 All of them are likely to return to French territory to carry out attacks,” she says. “With its attacks, ISIS tries to cause stigmatization of the Muslim population living in France, as happen after the attack on Charlie Hebdo . They want this population to tell itself that it is not worth B2C Lead integrating into this country and end up becoming radicaliz . ” Ethnic and religious discrimination was never on the margins of French thought, we would say since the time of Joan of Arc. For this reason and others, these “citizens” are consider second-level French, but with the attacks of Friday the 13th they have become “first-class enemies” for France.

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