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Channel players like Kroger Sam’s Club Director of digital Amazon Walmart. Pickup and delivery were very nascent at the time. What we realized was Amazon was building this little thing called retail media and we saw something there. We saw others like Walmart when they worked with [retail media agency] Triad. We realized long-term there was a lot of potential there so we started playing in the space early looking at the retail media networks that were out there what they were doing and how they were building out the retail media networks. A: What

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Covid was that all of a sudden people were buying pickup and delivery a lot. A lot of consumers started downloading mobile apps to do their business lead pickup or delivery orders. They go to the retailer’s website to create accounts and the data that was being captured by the retailers was all first-party data. So there was a spike in retail media investment because now the retailers were able to create closed-loop attribution around advertising. That’s when we started leaning into retail media networks in a really big way. Q: What were your

Findings at the beginning

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The main barrier for customers was delivery costs. We did tests and found that there would be a big spike in B2C Lead sales if retailers took away their [delivery charges]. We worked with retailers and told them “we’re actually going to pay for the delivery costs if they buy of Georgia-Pacific products — we’ll subsidize that.” Those were the instances where we saw significant lift in sales for our products. So we saw our household penetration grow when we partnered with retailers on how to overcome some of the barriers to pickup and

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