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The country’s domestic market faces significant economic and structural challenges high debt levels, an implod real estate sector and the progressive ag of the population are test growth. This is accompani by extreme income inequality, an explosion in hous costs, and welfare state institutions that are not yet fully develop to offset fall demand and provide social protection. Also, the Chinese zero covid strategy is fail. The most recent lockdown in Shanghai not only left economic scars, but also made it clear that the country is not ready for the omicron variant and that its own vaccines cannot compete with those of the West. The brutal application of quarantine the strategy against covid follow so far.

The population seems to react with increas

misunderstand and disagreement with the government’s seemly meanless harshness. And the question is whether the actions of the authorities are to be attribut to the general trend towards a recentralization of power in the Party and with President Xi. Against this background, it is UAE Phone Number List clear that, as the conflict unfolds today, China’s closeness to Putin is becom a grow problem . The development of the war so far indicates that if the Russians continue to be unsuccessful, they may react with further brutality and escalation of the fight, or possibly consider the use of chemical.

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Weapons or even tactical nuclear weapons

China will not be able to go down this path if it does not want to risk the international reputation it has carefully and intelligently built over decades, and thus cast doubt on its development successes. Therefore, Putin should not count on China to help him break Western sanctions or even save B2C Lead him militarily. Significantly, while China has sign association agreements with Russia, it has not form any alliances that could entail obligations of mutual support.

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