Coronavirus and the economy: impacts and challenges

Discover the relationship between coronavirus and the economy. The impacts of the disease and how to guide clients during the outbreak. Do you know the relationship between coronavirus and the economy ? With the outbreak of the disease, economic agents suffer maladjustments. Consumption tends to decrease and the effects of fear are immediately perceived in the financial market. Therefore, companies must consider their decisions a lot in the current scenario. Both to control the budget in the face of uncertainties and to not slow down completely because of panic. And, as an accountant, your role is to act as a strategic partner, helping clients to navigate. With some peace of mind in the stormy sea that forms. Therefore, in this guide, you will better understand the relationship between coronavirus and the economy. The impacts on the global economy and in Brazil, and how to guide clients.

What Is the Relationship?

Coronavirus and the economy: The new coronavirus, which originated in December 2019 in China, is highly contagious and therefore already has global impacts on the economy. But, before understanding the economic factors involved, it is worth delineating  Lebanon Phone Number Data  better what this threat represents in terms of public health. The virus causes a disease that has been called Covid-19 and has a relatively low lethality. The largest study carried out on the disease so far shows that less than 5% of cases are severe. The group with the highest mortality rate (14.8%) is that of people over 80 years old. In Brazil, there are 488 suspected cases of coronavirus, with two confirmed cases, according to data from the Ministry of Health for March 3. But, after all, what is the relationship of the coronavirus, a problem in the sphere of public health, in the economy.

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The disease outbreak already present

Than countries triggered a series of events that, in some way, are related to the market. Interruptions in factory operations, cancellation of international flights, closure of shops and services and regions subject to quarantine (such as the Chinese city of Wuhan) are some of the consequences that directly affect the movements of industries. And, in a scenario of so B2C Lead  many uncertainties , stock exchanges and growth projections also feel the negative impact. Impacts of the Coronavirus on the global economy Now that you know the relationship between coronavirus and the economy, it’s time to understand what the global impacts of the disease are. Check it out below: Slowdown in economic growth Although the world is still noticing the first impacts of the coronavirus, the slowdown in growth is already a reality.

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