China is vulnerable in this area because

Officially, China is neutral and in favor of peace. She did not support or condemn the war. But this neutrality is blatantly pro-Russian and anti-American; That China’s state mia and censor internet have adopt the Kremlin’s version of the causes and course of the war underscores that character. There is an internal controversy in China about what position to take towards Russia. But China is absent as a miator for a negotiat solution, even though it is probably the only country that could influence Putin. In economic terms, the People’s Republic has been in a development phase for some time, in which it is mov from quantitative to qualitative growth and is focus more on the development of the domestic market.

This next development step also requires

Open markets, function supply chains, and a rules-bas international order. Unlike Russia, China is not interest in destroy the exist international order. It will be crucial for the country to watch closely how the West tries to shape deglobalization in its favor. The Unit States has consider China a key geopolitical adversary, not just since the presidency of Donald Trump. In the perception of the European Union, China went from be the largest market to be a strategic Israel Phone Number List rival, If the Unit States, Europe, Japan, and countries like South Korea, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand prioritiz security and defense issues over economic and welfare issues, and were will and will unable to make the necessary sacrifices, China’s trade could be adversely affect.

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Furthermore, hehe new dimension of

Western sanctions, surpass anyth previously known, will have far-reach effects on the global economy.  the Unit States, Europe and Japan remain by far the most important markets for Chinese exports. If access to these countries’ markets were to be significantly restrict, China would ne, to compensate, other markets or its own domestic market neither of these options seems feasible. In addition to shrink export markets, China is find it increasly difficult to B2C Lead access high-tech from the West. It’s not just the Unit States that has impos sanctions on Huawei and semiconductor companies.

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