Bound to the number of people

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The repurchase rate is 200% higher than the original list! Migo gongdian information is committ. To creating a circular value data ecosystem. Using the thinker customer data platform to provide enterprises with efficient omni-channel data integration functions. Helping brands quickly integrate online and offline consumer data in all channels in a short period of time. And comprehensively analyze consumption it also has intelligent labeling and segmentation functions. Allowing brands to quickly design marketing strategies for different groups to achieve precise communication results.

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When analyzing.  people bound to each store. From figure 3. We can quickly see which stores are good and which are bad. But it is impossible to determine which stores should be strengthen.. Therefore. A UAE WhatsApp Number List  benchmark is ne.. To help judge. Common benchmarks such as overall average or kpi of store binding rate can be us. For comparison. Figure 3 | ranking of the number of people bound to each store. Supplement. By average judgment line member management operation performance benchmark points must be set according to the situation however. Stores will definitely have differences in foot traffic. So if the benchmark we set is . It will be unfair to stores with less foot traffic.

The selection of indicators can also be

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Therefore.  adjust. To the binding rate to view the effectiveness. And then allocate the marketing budget to lagging do you also want to use data to develop more precise marketing methods? By handing over your brand to migo’s thinker customer data platform. You can easily create a Venezuela WhatsApp Number List  better data cycle ecosystem profit model. Welcome to contact us !Stores. The indicators are select. Bas. On the situation. When the store’s line friend recruitment and binding rate reaches a certain number. The member only when the pool is large enough can the marketing resources in membership management and membership systems be us. More effectively.

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