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This expansion from the 4 Ps to the 8 Ps reflects the need for a more comprehensive and integrated view of Marketing , taking into account customer experience, internal management and brand consistency, for example. Mastering these concepts is like having a compass to guide your digital actions and guarantee the best results! Tip: 8 Ps of Digital Marketing: what are they and what are they for? Know the tools available Another skill that needs to be developed over time is knowledge of the different tools available — both in theory and in practice! From social networks , for example, knowing how to produce good content (including the written part of it), how to produce a good video, how to publish on each social network.

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Even knowing how to create a landing page , set up automatic email sending email , etc. You should know all this, but do you need to be an expert? I believe not, because it is very difficult to be a professional who stands out and who, at the same time, is an expert in all types of tools that exist. The important thing is to have some Latest database knowledge and master the basics of each one! Essential Digital Marketing Tools for your strategy Make the most of strategies Every time I am asked.

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Offpage SEO? Offpage SEO consists of actions carried out by the company and partners outside the website, with the purpose of improving the page’s position in Google results . but rather to demonstrate relevance and credibility in your market. This way, you have the opportunity to transform your business into a reference in the segment you operate in and gain valuable links to your website. clients, partners and society as a whole .” American B2C Lead Marketing Association Right. And what is the difference between Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing ? If we think about the objectives , there is no difference.

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