Africa and Europe: A Shared Future Africa and Europe

March 25, 2024 0 Comments

A Shared Future Share on  in the process. Europe could contribute valuable elements as a model of integration in the fields of economy and politics. It could contribute, in association with the African with the provision of financial resources.  Technology transfer and infrastructure provision. The only condition for Europe would be that the  jointly and out with the perspective of strengthening the ongoing process of economic integration of the continent.

Certainly, since the end of the Cold War

Europe has weakened its ties with Africa, while China has strengthened them. The latter country has predominantly invested in infrastructure to facilitate the exploitation of raw materials and access African markets. But this situation is altered by the migratory explosion, climate change. The digital  Belgium WhatsApp Data transition, insecurity and the need for stability. It is well known that  with . Africa must also be promoted, capable of combining the growth of African economies with the future needs of European economies and the mobility  respect for their dignity in the countries of origin, transit and arrival.

The same time, there must be an African effort

Continental scale to promote the creation of jobs and the growth of per capita income in the area of ​​economic integration of countries. We are in the presence of a  Australia WhatsApp Number List phenomenon that responds to underlying problems, not to the current situation. Recent studies show that neither aid nor economic . Reconsider illusory purposes such as stopping emigration, with barriers as doors to the countryside further and further south in the . African in a more articulated way and with clear objectives. Itineraries,  the countries of origin and destination.

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