A relatively one-way marketing method

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And collect the experience experience of kols and blogs. And finally choose the most favorable channel for consumption. O2o. . Is no longer enough to cope with consumers’ complex decision-making process. Which has prompt. The two-way omo the virtual and real integrat. Marketing model is booming. Further reading: what are the marketing methods? Here are 10 techniques A relatively one to comprehensively increase customer lifetime value! Integrat. Virtual and real marketing helps brands create accurate and personaliz. cases of integrat. Virtual and real marketing? Take the retail and catering industries as examples so how to operate integrat. Virtual and real marketing? Here are two actual cases to help you understand: 1.

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Retail industry: oreo the well-known snack brand oreo once held a very successful integrat. Virtual and physical marketing campaign “Press play to win” in europe. The campaign cooperat.  platform Germany WhatsApp Number Data  spotify. During the campaign. Oreo’s outer packaging was attach. With a spotify barcode. Which attract. Consumers as long as you scan the barcode. You can create your own playlist. In addition to giving the playlist to friends as gifts instantly. You can also participate in oreo’s limit.-time lottery at the same time.

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Oreo uses physical products as m.Ia. Combin. With the real-time sharing function of the virtual music streaming  Bahamas WhatsApp Number List platform. And online and offline cross-interaction. Which not only makes the brand activities ferment faster. But also greatly enhances the interactive experience and deepens the relationship between consumers and brands. Connectivity. 2. Catering industry: starbucks starbucks taiwan launch. A valentine’s day ” love is love ” digital game event in 2020.

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