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Dott lines often indicate clearly whether you are sitting correctly, but it is sometimes still difficult to get it right. So is everything right? If you automatically align the images then you know for sure. How do you do that now? You select the images that ne to be align. Then go to Imag and then choose the option you like. Also remember that you can do this twice, once for horizontal alignment and again for vertical alignment. Three tips that will ensure that you get better presentations in PowerPoint.

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Magic it in Canva Do you want a 15 discount on all our events? Join the Frankwatching community and sign up for the exclusive them newsletter! k like bookmark Claire van Helsdingen from frankwatching 3.3k August Read for 3 minutes New on Frankwatching How politicians can use the potential of social mia  am Navigating to Success with Cambodia Phone Number List Porter’s Five Forces Model fri Warm up your audience with the right preparation of your content fri 4 tips for engaging with citizens on social mia do Starting with employer branding: why, when, who, what and how? do Have you already discover all the new features in Canva.

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I have recently gain a lot of inspiration from several videos on (among other things) TikTok about the possibilities that this tool offers. I share them in this article, hoping to inspire you too! Changing outfits Suppose you have a  you would like to use on LinkIn. But there’s one problem: the clothes you’re wearing don’t look professional. Well, then Magic it has the solution! First click on ‘it photo’ and select ‘Magic it’. Select your outfit in step In step 2, describe exactly what B2C Lead you want. You can put a prompt there like: professional outfit, blazer, black and white casual shirt, smart blouse or whatever you see in front of you.

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