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 hiring managers and assessors to exercise unbiased judgment on all candidates without bias “ uses standardized scoring criteria so that all reviewers have a common understanding of what is good, mediocre, and poor response to provide a rating for each individual and an overall score for each candidate’s answers, allowing the candidate to make a fair assessment of each member of the stakeholder in the recruitment process.

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What happens during the first interview and the live interview “ provides interviewer new database training and calibration, which gives the interviewer’s assessment confidence and consistency ” this is something we do encourage organizations to do, but by leveraging machine learning to assist in disseminating this concept to every organization that uses a replicated structured interview process, we not only ask questions, but also suggest competencies,

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 Get job descriptions for each industry, company size, and more by connecting to B2C Lead the largest occupational and competency databases not only is this approach used by google, it is just a learning example, as they specifically mentioned on their blog as you can see from the chart, this approach should use structured interviewing as a scientific method to avoid losses from inappropriate hiring. Always make sure to hire the right people in the right positions.

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