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I can see myself completely sitting this holiday, on the beach or in the garden. You too? Then we have a nice collection of book tips full of professional literature that you can read this summer, thanks to our Frankwatching community! 1. Rickshaw’s JourneyBook tips cover Rickshaw’s journey Source: Marius Appelman With an organization on the way to abundance – Author: Marius Appelman Marius Appelman resigned from a large corporate in America after 7.5 years. He thought: this can be done differently. That is why he started his own company in the travel industry: Rickshaw travel. His intention? Putting people first and creating an organization bursting with enthusiasm.

Now, years later Riesa Travel is extremely

Successful and committed employees work with enthusiasm and energy. In this book, Marius takes you through the peaks and troughs of his journey of discovery towards a happy and successful South Africa Phone Number List organization. He investigates four angles: the rational, social, physical and spiritual side. Inspiring! Lilian Debeye says about it under our call for book tips on LinkedIn : ‘Educational (about the do’s and don’ts) and a good read.’ 2. Writing for the brainBook tips cover writing for the brain source:  van kransburg.

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Influencing psychologically with text.

Wim van der Mark, Martin van Kranenburg & Michel Rolvink Highly recommended for every copywriter, entrepreneur, marketer and communication specialist. This book gives you practical tips and tools to make your texts more convincing, more seductive and more profitable. You learn to structure your texts and learn how to apply proven neuromarketing techniques. And it also B2C Lead reads nicely. Also Read: 15 Podcast Tips: Listen Yourself Through The Summer Extra tip from Stefan van Ballegooie : ‘Absolute toppers: Online Influence & Writing for the Brain complement each other perfectly.

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