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Keeping messages and experiences at Will collect  touch points consistent and positive will help consumers leave a lasting impression when they travel through various information channels. 3. Consideration consumers in ne  sources for comparison. Including through online channels such as search engines. Brand fans. Discussion forums. Videos from internet celebrities and review websites. Social mia posts and advertisements. Word-of-mouth recommendations and offline channels. Also influential.

Consumers at this stage may be only one

Mile away from taking action. And are particularly affect by experience and the voices of other customers. Therefore. Eliminate  Netherlands Telegram Number Data consumer uncertainty about purchasing. Such as launching warranty services that are better than those in the market. And inviting loyal customers to share their experience. Etc.. Are the biggest help to promote the action of hesitant customers. 4.

Intent consumers gradually turn into customers

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At this stage. After generating a desire. They visit websites. Third-party e-commerce. Store experiences. Etc. This smoothes Colombia Telegram Number List  the customer process in various channels. Allowing them to easily find products they are interest in. Collect them on the go. And join shopping. Car. Complete the purchase. 5. Purchase when a customer completes a transaction. The journey does not end.

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