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The arrival of Google Bard also causes a stir in the SEO landscape. The search engines will gradually be enriched with AI functions. While the pros at Google insist that Bard doesn’t equate to Search, it will eventually play an increasingly important role. You can imagine that if Google (or Bing) immediately spits out an answer, your optimized web pages will be taken out of the equation and receive a lot less traffic. 2023 & beyond Each piece of technology (AI, VR, AR) adds another piece to the puzzle. We live in an era where change is the only constant. This is on the one hand a great challenge, but on the other hand incredibly overwhelming.

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Methods will see opportunities and boost their copywriting skills. Copywriters are of course crucial, because they are the professionals isolated lakes. Words inspire, teach, connect and bring worlds to life. Keep your eyes open and embrace new developments. Welcome to the world of Malta Phone Number List immersive storytelling! Find the perfect balance as a copywriter The magic of you as a copywriter is not lost despite the advent of AI. It does offer the opportunity to make your work a lot easier and more efficient. But how do you find that balance between your writing power and tools likeFrom greetings to yours sincerely.

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