Where does the closing greeting come

We do it several times on a daily basis. We say “bye” by shaking a formal hand, giving each other three kisses or by ending your business email with a closing greeting. Everyone uses their own style. One opts for the standard ‘Sincerely’, the other opts for a more creative and informal variant. And then you also have the ‘short-cut types’ that end with ‘Gr’ or Grtjs’. Where is it from? What different closing greetings do people use these days and what does it really add to your message?  from? The digital revolution has long been an integral part of our lives and the writing of texts, but also the closing of texts, is evolving along with it. Back to the past.

Where does that closing greeting come from

The Oxford Illustrated. Companion to the Bible states that the first written epistle of John belongs to the general epistles. The letters of John were probably written at the end of the first century AD. Major topics are discussed in these letters. Think of the darkness, light, God’s reality Morocco Phone Number List and perfect love. It is striking that in the first written letter there is no addressee and that the salutation and concluding greeting are missing. But when has the closing greeting become an integral part of a message? It is not entirely clear where the farewell expression comes from.

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A possible explanation is that this

Would have arisen around poet and writer PC Hooft. We are talking about the year 1600. Hooft could often be found at his Muiderslot, where many plum trees grew at the time. When he received visitors and they left the. Muiderslot again at the end of the summer, they shouted ‘See you in the plum season!”. Read also: Wrong proverb or saying? Ah, no dog crows at that B2C Lead Hard evidence for this story is lacking, but in Hooft’s letter to fellow poet Maria Tesselschade from 1636, the following is written: ‘ The plums are already [all at once] starting to ripen on a bodt [suddenly], and calling for Tesseltjes little mouth.

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