When designing different marketing activities

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And establish automat communication lines to send personaliz messages according to scripts and group tags messaging. In addition to deepening relationships with customers. Also enables brands to identify high-potential customers and proactively offer incentives at the perfect moment. Points enrich feback methods to capture behavioral tracks the point mechanism is often introduc with the membership system. The reason is that points have the characteristics of currency. Allowing brands to have greater flexibility than in the past . And the quantitative results can make the membership profile more three-dimensional.

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Given priority to releasing limit event seats and reeming event coupons with points on the line membership card. Which is  Russia Telegram Number Data different from the previous method of opening public registration events. In addition. The quantitative results mean that in addition to indicators such as line’s opening rate and click-through rate. The status of point flow can also be us to observe member activity and influence; for example. After executing the mgm follower increase activity. By designing labels and calculating relationship chains. Brands can measure the impact of their marketing campaigns by checking who invites friends who actively collect points and who invites the most people.

Member points and remption results loop

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Data analysis and optimization the interactive data generat by line’s digital membership cards are aggregat into the thinker customer data platform and integrat with store sales data. Invoice scan data. Official  Denmark Telegram Number List websites. Third-party e-commerce or other data platforms to form a complete and multi-layer customer profile. Allowing brands to sort out marketing activities at different funnel stages lead to the best path to purchase and become a loyal customer.

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