What is CDP and how to master customer

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Board to quickly grasp customer profiles.  profile Figure 3|Thinker customer data platform groups groups with exclusive tags to create a 360 member profile dashboard According to the ” 2023 Tianxia Lab What is  Retail Service Brand Survey “. as many as 70.7% of retail brand respondents stat that strengthening customer relationship management (CRM) has been set as What is  the most important implementation plan in the next year.

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Management system. . in order to activate the interactive relationship with members. thereby realizing the strategic What is  layout of improving business efficiency. In the past. brands paid attention to consumption UAE Phone Number List  factual data. and in accordance with “the growth and decline of channels determines resource allocation”. consumers who have experienc the epidemic and have become adept at traveling between reality and reality. their consumption decision-making model is no longer simple as in the past. so brands should integrate cross-channel experiences and services smoothly.

 In particular it is  What is  crucial to change

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Our thinking to a “people-center” approach to customer relationships. Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) is the core of rapid business decision-making. In addition to opening up huge amounts of diverse data  Thailand Phone Number List across all channels. it can also quickly establish a mechanism to reflect market changes in real time. Therefore. the flexible and small-scale characteristics of the questionnaire can be effectively us in the D2C direct-to-consumer model. and at the same time. the experience breakpoints of the customer journey can be collect as zero-party data.

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