Ways to Deliver Emails

Why run emails in a few languages when so many people speak English Ways to deliver emails in a necessary language. And which one is better?

Ways to deliver emails in the necessary language:

Way 1. Segmentation involves segmenting your contact base according to their language preferences and crafting distinct emails for each group. (All ESPs Belgium Phone Number Data support this way.) Welcome Emails in 8 languages (Welcome email in 8 languages). Dynamic content allows you to include all relevant translations within your email. Recipients can easily switch between languages. However, the subject line remains in a single language. (Mailchimp, SFMC Pardot, Oracle, and SendGrid support this method.)

The vast majority:

of our clients speak English. So yes, it is possible for us to run email campaigns in English only. But we’re missing an important personalization factor when running email marketing in English only. For example, when it comes to legal content, users would definitely prefer to read it in their native language.

Pavel Riazanov, HiBob:

It depends. You can run email marketing in English only in markets where the overall knowledge of English is relatively high, e.g., the Netherlands or Nordic B2C Lead countries. However, you may miss the target audience in other locales, such as Italy, France, LATAM, and Quebec. “If you do not localize your emails, you’re missing an important factor of personalization.” Anna Levitin, Email and Marketing Operations Lead at Powtoon.

Ways to deliver emails in a necessary language:

At present, there are several approaches to delivering messages to customers in their preferred language. We have organized these  approaches into three distinct methods. It is crucial to understand that these methods are provisional, and how they operate might differ slightly for each email service provider (ESP). Nonetheless, the fundamental logic remains consistent across ESPs, with only minor variations. In addition, the terminology we use for these methods is not universally recognized, as each ESP assigns its own name to each method.

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