To make a donation is to offer something

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Their sponsors, and investors choose for financing those that interest them, to what they want to invest. Join us on Telegram There are several ways of crowdfunding: donations (with or without payment), loan (with or without interest) and capital investment. Different forms of joint financing or crowdfunding Crowdfunding can take many forms. We distinguish three main forms of crowdfunding: Donations  to a third party without consideration. By making a donation to the project manager, the Internet user contributes to the development of this event without expecting anything in return.

With this form of financing

Crowdfunding donation Crowdfunding donation However, the investor is usually rewarded symbolically. Indeed, if it’s a movie, for example, his name might be in the credits. Promotional goods may be assigned to it. This form of crowdfunding database also allows the project to be advertised so that the carrier can claim subsidies.  a method of crowdfunding that appeared in 2014. crowd equity crowd equity , investors receive a portion of the company’s shares in return. In some cases, this form allows you to get tax advantages for your investors. Indeed, by supporting the project in crowdequity, the investor owns part of the capital of the company. In order to benefit from this type of financing, certain conditions must be met. Crowd equity is reserved only for Sociétés en.

Crowd equity Crowd equity is


Actions Simplifiées and Sociétés anonymes. Such risk acceptance is used, in particular, for large-scale projects with large sums of money. crowd lending B2C Lead Crowdfunding is a subcategory of crowdfunding. It consists in financing the projects presented on the platform at the expense of loans subscribed by the public. Crowd lending Crowd lending Crowdlending is launched on crowdfunding platforms when banks cannot monitor such investments. Therefore, the application of this method of crowdfunding benefits the budgets of local authorities.

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