Use the marketing funnel to check the

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Establish contact channels for division of labor the formulation of target customer groups is relat to the goals  Use the marketing  and channels of marketing activities. Usually brands have multiple channels to reach customers. Such as official websites. Social groups. Official line Use the marketing  accounts. Emails. Physical stores. Third-party e-commerce. Physical events. Etc. If if the brand cannot set goals bas on channel characteristics. It will also be difficult to target the target customer groups of marketing activities.

Target customer Use the marketing  groups are accurately

Formulat and in-depth membership management is carri out by group. Combining the above-mention methods of identifying Saudi Arabia Telegram Number Data  target customer groups can help brands find precise groups to take action at the best time.  operating status. And then establish the axis for each marketing activity through the definition of target customer groups. So what is the next step to implement the brand strategy? Establish a membership system potential customers and first-time purchasers who have work hard to retain from the funnel will be easily lost without a touchpoint to interact with the brand again.

Therefore It is necessary to establish a

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Channel for stable interaction. And the membership system becomes the best way to start. Design an attractive reward system and provide opportunities for two-way interaction between brands and  Dominican Republic Telegram Number List customers. Line membership card establishes membership point system continuous interaction and personaliz experience use digital membership cards to form an effective communication channel. Encourage customers to actively provide information. Understand their preferences and nes. Design member-specific activities such as daily tasks. Festival activities.

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