This approach is reinforced in the draft Sustainable

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Mobility Law , presented in March to the Council of Ministers, whose objective is to “establish the necessary conditions so that citizens and companies can enjoy a sustainable mobility system, fair and inclusive as a tool to achieve greater social and territorial cohesion, contribute to resilient economic development and achieve the objectives of reducing greenhouse gases and air quality.” In this scenario, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce has added to the aforementioned works an analysis of the possible effects that the different municipal measures and regulations approved by local corporations in terms of mobility and improvement of air quality have had on the quantities measures of certain polluting components, as a factor of fundamental importance in the well-being of the city’s inhabitants.

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That in some way determine air quality have been identified and for which it has been possible to have information with the necessary periodicity and structure. On the other hand, a survey has been  among Spanish town councils to collect information on the implementation of municipal  South Africa WhatsApp Data regulations and measures  to the areas of interest for the study. As a result, a data set with a panel structure has been  on monthly information from 86 environmental stations . Among the municipalities as a sample. These are 21 variables for which information is available from January . Once the data set has been  the impact of municipal policies  to mobility and air quality on the amount of polluting particles in cities has . Been  and the extent to which these policies have had a significant influence has .

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Conclusion of this research In the amount of pollutants present in the air of the cities that make up the sample is  .  During the historical period  in the analysis in which oil is the main source of energy. Africa needs integration and coordination between states to  Germany WhatsApp Number List address climate change . Emissions by increasing energy efficiency, adapting economic and social life to climate change and adopting sustainable development policies. In effect, it is about production in the Sahel policies to confront the degradation of soils. Deforestation and desertification.

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