Think about who your product is definitely

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Research shows that as many as 80% of purchases made B2C or B2B include some influence in the form of a direct recommendation. What if using the help of Instagram influencers are posts on their wall, store or link in their account description. Now 7 steps how you can start one of the most profitable marketing activities on Instagram. Contents Determine your target audience You have to know your target group much better than the one from whom you buy advertising (you don’t always have to buy, trades for goods also work). Deal with it. not suitable for, who it partially suits and who is the perfect customer. Make profiles of them. Find out what they do, how they behave online. What problems does your product solve for the perfect customer.

This can be done in two ways

Here we recommend a simple exercise calle the “empathy map” exercise., firstly bring your customers to you or put yourself in their shoes and then ask the whatsapp mobile number list following questions: How your customer perceives the surroundings and what he sees there What does He hear from his love ones, friends or everyone he interacts with? What is important to him, what he might think and how he feels? What are his most important emotions How does he talk.

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Service what does he achieve

What does he say and do? What are his attitudes? Pain points and what frustrates him the most, the biggest obstacles. What benefit does He get from B2C Lead your product or with it. It seems a complicate and very “strange” thing, but it should be done anyway. Just asking yourself these questions and going through them gives you important information and new, creative starting points on how to approach your client.

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