They usually encounter two major difficulties

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Grouping them into groups after identifying their preferences and characteristics. And then designing personaliz They usually  marketing  campaigns for these different groups. Is one of the keys for marketers to increase conversion rates. 2 major difficulties in communication between marketers   and data analysts when marketers want to conduct data analysis and ne data support from data analysts. : 1. How to put forward precise data requirements: marketers ne to accurately express the data they ne so that data analysts can provide corresponding information.

This requires They usually marketers to have

Certain knowlge of data analysis and clearly describe the requirements so that the data can be us analysts can quickly Spain Telegram Number Data  understand and provide effective information. 2. between both parties: data cleaning requires a certain amount of waiting time. And the time  for instance requir for both parties to communicate is lengthy. Which may not provide  for instance marketers with the data they ne in real time. Thus affecting the execution and optimization efficiency of marketing strategies.

 Long waiting time for data and communication

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Marketers can try to use some self-service data processing tools. Such as chatgpt. Chatgpt can help   marketers quickly  El Salvador Telegram Number List process data and provide basi for instance  analysis functions to meet the immiate nes of marketers. What would a marketer do without a data analyst? The very popular chat gpt came out this year. Changing many workflows and optimizing efficiency. It also made breakthrough developments in the data analysis process.

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