Then We Had to Translate This Copy

was using the scripting Then We Had to Translate This Copy method with little adjustments for certain locales, e.g., using different imagery or cultural codes. This method was the most appropriate one for the resources I had at hand, at the same time providing a decent level of localization so that the message would be conveyed to the target locale in the most comprehensive manner.

Steps of the email translation process:

I like planning all email activities a quarter ahead. So, technically speaking, at the beginning of a quarter, I knew what I was going to send during the next Germany Phone Number Data three months. How did we do it? We brainstormed with the creative and marketing teams, where we came up with new ideas and considered the holiday and event calendar for each particular country. We needed to get aligned with the marketing, acquisition, and content teams.

Working on the content:

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We had several content writers, and they provided us with the texts a month before day X. Here, they wrote a few copy options. The first one was in British English, and the second one was in American English. When writing texts in local languages, we tended to use idioms and expressions to spice up the copy a little. And the third one was in “plain” English, with no idioms — the text we pass on for translations.

Then we had to translate this copy to:

Here, I highly recommend that you automate this process. Meaning, in Jira or Asana, I B2C Lead specified the languages we wanted this campaign in. The translation was automatically assigned to the designated internal proofreader and then the manager whenever it was released. In this way, you’re not doing this manually. And you can check on the results anytime.

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