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Chatgpt launch the code interpreter application function. Which allows users to upload data. (excel. Csv. Etc.) to chatgpt to The waiting time  conduct a complete set of analysis processes. From data cleaning. Data analysis. Data visualization. And even suggestions for the next key actions. All without the ne for marketers or data analysts you can write any string of code and let chatgpt help you analyze the data through the code interpreter function.

The following is the actual picture of us using

The code interpreter function. (note: code interpreter is a paid version of chatgpt.) the first step in how to use  South Africa Telegram Number Data chatgpt for data analysis: upload data figure 1 | data upload. After turning on the advanc data analysis function in gpt-4. You can click “+” to upload data. How to use chatgpt for data analysis. Step 2: describe data analysis requirements figure 2 | illustrates data analysis nes.

Marketers can use the code interpreter function

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To let chatgpt assist in data analysis. How to use chatgpt for data analysis. Step 3: wait for data analysis figure waiting  Egypt Telegram Number List for chatgpt to analyze the data. Since 80% of the data analysis process is data cleaning. chatgpt. How to use chatgpt for data analysis. Step 3: wait for data analysis.

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