The Thinker customer data platform has

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Underwear brands integrate multiple virtual and real member channels such as stores. e-commerce. APPs. and communities. Through consumption journey and member profile analysis. coupl. with  The Thinker customer  AI smart labeling functions. the brand can be bas. on members’ ne.s. Consumption habits. product preferences. develop exclusive personaliz. marketing activities and interaction methods! For example. strengthen interaction with members who have register. but not consum.. or design exclusive discounts for 7 days or 14 days after becoming a member.

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Helping brands quickly integrate consumer data from all online and offline channels in a short period of time to build  Morocco WhatsApp Number List a complete customer journey. and through data insights and smart labeling functions Accurate grouping helps brands make efficient marketing decisions and create a positive data circulation ecosystem. rate tracking. optimize communication frequency and marketing resource allocation. and integrate OMO omni-channel data Afterwards. the purchase rate increas. as high as 33.

Effectively driving the overall consumption

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Power of online and offline members! Do you also want to develop accurate virtual and real integrat. marketing strategies Norway WhatsApp Number List  through a data integration platform? Then leave it to Migo Gongdian Information ‘s Thinker customer data platform and consult now ! Recommend. reading: CRM system introduction guide: system? Understand the 3 major selection criteria and accurately manage customer relationships.

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