The Shorter the Questionnaire

best practices to send better survey invitation emails and increase your survey response rate
A survey email is a questionnaire sent to existing customers for conducting market research. How many questions should you include? It depends on you. Fortunately,

all survey messages:

have similar features and purposes — to check out customer satisfaction, so they all are quite alike.To create the most effective survey reminder emails Taiwan WhatsApp Number Data sample and get good survey results, we recommend you: Offer discounts and coupons in your survey email People normally are not really interested in filling surveys out. But you can persuade them to do it by offering a discount. Let it be 15% OFF for the next purchase, or anything like that. Or you can also offer them a coupon.

Survey Email example :

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is, the more chances your clients will respond to it. A good way to keep the survey short is to ask no more than 4 questions. People will love it that you appreciate their time. If the invitee has recently experienced your products or service, the preferable form here will consist of just one question: Did you enjoy the visit? Or how likely are you to recommend us to your friend? Survey Email Template _ Images Such short survey aka NPS show the highest conversion rate. Normally, the response rate for NPS emails is about 30-40%.

If the answer is positive:

then do not reply to this message. But if the answer is negative, it would be reasonable to send a longer survey with 4-9 questions. Sometimes you need to create a longer questionnaire with more than 10 questions. When  B2C Lead  do you need to use longer surveys? For educational programs, like online course platforms, for those who host webinars and conferences, and for those who conduct investigations, like Litmus. In this case… Mention how long the survey might take your customers If you want people to answer your questions, you need to tell them how long it will take to do so. If the survey is long and may take 20 minutes, be honest. Say it!

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