The setting of indicators for line

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How to start line member management. 2 cases share data application direction 2023.04.19 in the last article . We mention.  membership management. In this article. We focus on how to interpret the The setting of  number of new friends and members when the marketing team faces different situations such as line sticker activities. New friends in stores. Etc. When tracking results. Binding rate and other data. And how to optimize membership operations and membership management after interpreting the data.

Bas On the sharing in the previous article

We understand that we  The setting of  ne. To formulate key observation indicators bas. On the goals and find suitable dimensions for  South Korea WhatsApp Number List observation. In order to gain insights into member operations to achieve the goals. Line member management case: how to start data insights? The following examples are demonstrat. To help everyone obtain valuable information from the data. Find insight. And formulate subsequent line membership system management and operation plans.

Free stickers attract a lot of friends

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But the quality of the friends is not good case 1: marketing activities attract. A large number of stickers. And the  Thailand WhatsApp Number List membership binding rate dropp. Avalanche this is a classic case. I believe that many brands will consider this method when they are trying to increase the number of friends in the early stage. In order to increase the number of friends for the brand’s official account. The customer plann. A marketing campaign where adding friends can download stickers.

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