The Image You Wish to Feature

on the product card. The Image You Wish to Feature Specify the URL for your product, noting that recipients will be redirected to your webpage immediately upon clicking the image without opening the email itself. Please note that all links to products must be unique

Product carousel:

Product carousels are an excellent way to display multiple image previews for a promotion, enabling you to feature up to 10 unique images in a single carousel. Let’s Belgium Telegram Number Data take a closer look at guidelines through the process of creating product cards. Insert a link to an image of your logo in the designated field (Use an HTTPS (not HTTP) URL.) This logo will appear in Gmail’s inbox for the recipient to see. Enter a compelling subject line for your email in the space provided.


Telegram Number LIst

email annotations are designed to work exclusively on mobile devices. However, Google has also announced plans to extend annotations to desktop devices. Email annotations are currently unavailable for EU countries, but it’s worth noting because they will change soon. Wrapping up Harnessing the power of Gmail promotional tabs with Stripo offers a remarkable opportunity to boost your email marketing strategy.

You can create:

eye-catching emails that drive user engagement and conversions by utilizing deal annotations, product carousels, and single images. Implementing best practices and  B2C Lead  staying up-to-date with our latest features will ensure your promotional emails stand out, maximizing the impact of your campaigns. Embrace the potential of annotated emails and elevate your brand’s reach with Stripo. Happy annotating!

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