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The critics of the Greeks to the most important Russian party, the. Communist Party of the Russian Feration (CPRF), present in the. Duma and in several national parliaments, are more careful. The CPRF refus to describe the conflict as “imperialist”, argu that it is a “national liberation war against the international of Nazism and the new order of the. Unit States and NATO [North Atlantic Treaty Organization]”. Russia, they argue, “is one of the poorest countries in Europe” so the term “imperialist” cannot be us, which, moreover, “Lenin us for the Great War” and which, therefore, is totally “inappropriate”. in the current conflict.

As proof they add that Russian oligarchs have

Oppos the military operation in Ukraine” as they have suffer “severe [international] sanctions.” These are the highlights of the CPRF’s response to the accusations of its fellow Greeks. Accus of support Putin, the. Russian communists respond that it is the. Russian president who gave in to their pressure and came to the aid of the “suffer population” of the [“people’s republics”] of. Donetsk and Lugansk, in Donbas, where the CPFR boasts Iceland Phone Number List of hav “hundrs of militants fight the Nazis.” They add that the. Moscow government has repeatly tri unsuccessfully to stop NATO’s expansion to the east. In addition to the two regions of Ukraine with. Russian-speak populations, the Russian communists describe Ukraine as a country totally in the hands of.

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Western interests, where the use of the

Russian language is prohibit, as is the activity of the communists,  communists of “flirt with nationalist ideas and forces”, the. Russian response is emphatic “We proudly declare that we are the largest left-w patriotic force in Russia.” At the end of its polemical response, the CPFR expresses its “deep respect for the KKE, a party that has contribut like no B2C Lead other to the revival of the international [communist] and workers’ movement after the collapse of the USSR.” It is an informal recognition. If this controversy has any political significance, it is that the KKE (with 5.3 of the vote in the last elections) has inde play a lead role in articulat and support various communist parties in Europe and beyond.

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