The core focus of Martech implementation is to

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​ As mention. earlier. today’s mainstream marketing trends are gradually becoming more consumer-centric. The process of interaction between consumers and brands can be divid. into three stages: “pre-sales The core focus  marketing. sales. and after-sales customer service”. In different marketing stages Here. the  brand’s functional requirements for digital tools will vary depending on the short-term goals and strategies set. but the overall direction still follows the concept of CRM. Therefore. as long as you understand the data application logic at each stage. you can follow the brand’s Find suitable tools and implementation methods bas. on your own conditions and other detail. ne.s.

​ With data assistance marketing and

Technology cooperation can be seamless Enterprises can collect a considerable amount of consumer data through channels such as official websites. community operations. and advertising promotions.  use Nigeria WhatsApp Number List  data technology to establish “automat.” operations for enterprises. To provide consumers with a better user experience. take the three interactive stages mention. above as an example: marketing Through platform-bas. operations. we can completely connect massive amounts of customer data. fully upgrade data insight analysis. strategy execution and other operations into automat. processes.

We can design marketing activities bas

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On the program and even decide how to promote and to whom. . in addition to accelerating the marketing process of marketers. it also allows consumers to imm.iately  Peru WhatsApp Number List receive the promotion of marketing activities at the critical moment when they ne. products and services most. ​ Sale Incorporate elements of sales scenarios such as “potential customers. customers. contacts. sales opportunities” into the management module. and design automat. processes bas. on the operating modes and results of various marketing activities to r.uce the administrative burden of sales staff.

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