The binding rate also shows an avalanche

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I hope you can recruit a large number of friends and then enter the membership system management stage. We can see that the line friend recruitment results are as shown in the blue bar chart. The activity has creat. Very good results from the beginning. What should I do if the binding rate of line membership management drops avalanche? Figure 1|the sticker activity attracts a large number of friends. But at the same time leads to an avalanche of member binding rates it is found from the chart that although a large number of new friends are recruit.. decline.

The actual number of friend binding

Members is very poor. And the blocking rate of these new friends is as high as 70%. In the future. These friends must be  South Africa WhatsApp Number List awaken. Again for binding. It is quite difficult. And it is also not easy to manage the line membership system. In response to the declining binding rate. The subsequent data team gave the brand specific optimization strategies for the line binding mechanism. Such as optimizing the membership system binding process and shortening the binding time and steps. Which not only brought about a 6.

Times binding rate effect  And also

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Successfully r.Uc. The blocking rate of new friends. Line member management binding performance optimization Taiwan WhatsApp Number List  figure 2|after optimizing the member binding process. The binding rate increas. A clear overview of the store’s membership recruitment results case 2: overview of store recruitment results. Quick and time-saving resource allocation adjustments let’s take a look at the second case. In order to increase the number of people bound to line friends. The brand plann. To increase the marketing budget of each store and sprint to bind the number of people.

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