The reason is simply that there

Konstantin Bogomolov, a lead theater director, describes the ideologues of today’s Europe as an “aggressive mix of queer activists, female fanatics and ecopsychopaths ». In keep with their tradition of dully imitat European manners and customs, Russians have “end up in the tail of a crazy train head to a Bosch-imagin hell, where we will be greet by gender-neutral and multicultural demons.” Bogomolov’s advice speaks for itself “All we have to do is unhitch the wagon, cross ourselves, and start build a new world.

Russia has liv in a Eurocentric world

For at least 300 years, as Russian choruses claim, so Europe has continually view their country as the “barbarian at the gates” or the “eternal learner.” But now, accord to a report publish under the auspices of the Russian Council for Foreign and Security Policy, “Europe will have to realize that it has to review its dialogue with Russia,” accord Iran Phone Number List to authors Fyodor Lukyanov and Alexei Miller. “Not because the apprentice now fully masters the issue (or not at all). That is no longer the key question. The reason is simply that there are no apprentices anymore because they no longer want to be accept into the guild or get its recognition.

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The dilemma of the intelligentsia

Rather than a comprehensive analysis of how Russia’s historical experiences relate to those of ‘Europe’, I would rather like to present two theoretical approaches that can help orient oneself in this highly controversial terrain. First is the theory of the cultural divide between West and East put forward by the late Martin Malia. Malia questions the B2C Lead existence of a clear line divid “West” from “East”. Instead, he assumes that there is a smoother gradation that can be experienc by those travers the essentially unifi Eurasian continent in an easterly direction.

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