We often get lot of queries about Google SEO certification programs or how to become Google SEO certified or about google SEO course. The answer to all the questions mentioned

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How to access your Business Profile’s performance insights On desktop, you can access performance insights directly from your Google Business Profile by clicking Performance. Click performance If you’re on a

Google ads – changes that can be “flipped”

May 24 , 2022 at the Google Marketing Live event, Google announced changes in the design of its clothing search service. Therefore, which will be a harmonious combination of Google

Publications in Google My Business

Publications in  updating information about the work of the institution in the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic. Yes, it is worth notifying users about the current. Therefore, work schedule or

Can we find the ideal job as a programmer

Can we find the , Perhaps we have already wondered how to find the most ideal job as a programmer . This can be true not only for us developers,

LGPD in Accounting Companies: How to Adapt to the New Law

Compliance with the LGPD in accounting companies is crucial to ensure the protection of personal data. See how to follow the new law. Are you prepared for the impacts of

SPED 2020: Schedule and New Layout

SPED Schedule New Do you want to know what the SPED situation is in 2020 and what are the layout changes? Check out our complete guide. Do you want to

New INSS calculation: check the values ​​and changes for 2020

The new INSS calculation begins to take effect in March 2020 and brings changes to the rates and salary ranges. Stay in. The new INSS calculation was released in January

ECF 2020: what it is deadlines penalties and opportunities

Looking for ECF 2020 deadlines and news? See the main updates of Tax Accounting Bookkeeping and how to help your customers. In conclusion, Are you up to date with the

Coronavirus and the economy: impacts and challenges

Discover the relationship between coronavirus and the economy. The impacts of the disease and how to guide clients during the outbreak. Do you know the relationship between coronavirus and the

Entrepreneurship in Accounting: 7 Tips to Thrive

Entrepreneurship Accounting Thrive Entrepreneurship in accounting is your chance to run a business and expand your services. Check out 7 valuable tips. If entrepreneurship in accounting is your next career

What does a Partnership Manager do for partner at Azul?

One of the benefits of the Conta Azul Partner Accountant Program is the presence of Partnership Managers . They play a key role in implementing the Partnership Program methodology, bringing