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Easy ways you can improve your AI skills in 2024

The rise of artificial general intelligence (AI) has captured minds and imaginations at an astonishingly fast pace . But the skills businesses need to put this technology to work by

How to find a job online

In the current economic situation, many professionals are unemployed and must persistently search for new professional opportunities every day.  Social networks are a very effective tool to help you find

What Is First Input Delay (FID) & How To Improve It

First Input Delay (FID) is the time from when a user first interacts with your page to when the page responds. It measures responsiveness and is one of the three

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If you have just started a project, you don’t have much advanced knowledge about programming, your budget is limited or you simply need to launch a simple website instantly, let

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How-to-use You’re not going to deny that the name is cool, right? But not only that, as you know, l is the email marketing tool that I use on my

How to do a competitor analysis on Instagram

Yes, it’s me, he’s nice, handsome, charming… you know… Hahaha. (Laughing at your own jokes is bad, right?). I look up and sigh, I don’t know where to start. So

Vivo and Motorola together create a sequel to the acclaimed Brazilian film

This year marks the twentieth anniversary of the arrival in theaters of City of God , an acclaimed Brazilian film nominated for an Oscar that put the phenomenon of “favelas”

The Autocontrol training program seeks to respond to the concerns

AUTOCONTROL has launched an extensive training program for the last quarter of the year in which it aims to bring the content of the latest approved standards to the sector.

A new mobility is making its way into cities this is what transport platforms

A new the European Mobility Week , which started last Friday the 16th and will continue until Thursday the 22nd, is an action promoted by the European Commission that aims