Ecological Houses Characteristics Types and Prices

Ecological houses and their types are a trend that you cannot miss. Above all, if you are a nature lover , if one of the driving forces of your life

Firstly a design that went from being

Prototype to a reality. This is the Bloomframe projected window , created by the Hofman Dujardin studio. The first windows of this type were installed in an apartment building located

It is expected that the proposal

Prefabricated terraces will help to enhance the habitability conditions in the homes. In which they are installed, through solar control. Integration of an outdoor space and the inclusion of vegetation

Like all great inventions arise from a need

Solve this disadvantage and include terraces in homes that do not have them, the Spanish. Luis Quintano created the Stayhöme prefabricated terrace project. The company, with a Spanish seal, that

Do you know the Stayhöme Prefabricated Terrace?

The Stayhöme prefabricated terrace emerged as a proposal for a competition. The project was presented at The Architecture of the Day After event organized by ASEMAS. The contest itself was

The main idea in this sense is the achievement

The sustainable agenda proposed by the European Union. This situation particularly affects all municipalities framed in the democratic challenge , where there are at least , municipalities that have more

They request an energy efficiency certificate

Which reveals the current state of the building. Also an energy efficiency certificate with the results achieved after the reform. It is necessary that you present a technical report project

PREE Program aid for the Energy Rehabilitation of Buildings in Murcia

The PREE Program helps for the energy rehabilitation of buildings in Murcia is the central issue that we are going to address in this content. Its name indicates the objective

Regulations already apply these standards

Fact the European Union has been inspired by Dr. Fiest’s basic principles for its Nearly Zero Energy Building Standard (NZEB). If we add to this the energy dependence of Spain

GEALAN is Passivhaus One of the construction elements

Which the most air leaks is precisely through the windows, therefore they are the most critical component. In addition, a high-performance window will prevent future humidity, mold and pathological respiratory

Principles of passive houses and the importance of windows

Barcelona, April When making the decision to buy or rent a home, the buyer rarely pays attention to whether the windows, doors or walls meet any energy standard, it is

The fluids follow the line of least resistance and if there are gaps

In the executed interface, these become small. Access routes, which together cause obvious filtration. To ensure tightness, absolute contact must be achieved between the mortar and the pieces, from which