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This is not each comment delete by the employer is still subject to verification by the main administrator of the site. If he finds that the rating is compliant with the regulations and the law, he reinstates it. How to deal with negative reviews? The fight against negative comments on the GoWork portal is often ineffective. Therefore, it is better to adopt a different tactic and take appropriate public relations activities that will protect and strengthen the positive image of the employer’s brand , even despite the appearance of unfavorable opinions. First of all, accept the fact that negative reviews will appear. No matter how hard you try, you cannot protect your brand from criticism.

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There will always be someone who doesn’t like something. The worst thing you can do when there is a negative opinion is enter into a discussion with the dissatisfie photo editor author of the post. Trying to whitewash or prove your innocence will not help, and may even hurt. People who write unfavorable comments are just waiting for such a situation. This is a great opportunity for them to pull out all the. Respond to feeback professionally and thoughtfully. It is best to speak privately to the person who wrote the unfavorable comment to ask about their motives and propose the best possible solution. If the conversation goes in the right direction, the author will likely delete the review himself.

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, We recommend Commplace work opinions – advice on how to earn a positive perception of the brand by employees. Unfortunately, we do not always know who is behind the publication of a negative review. In this case, it’s best to respond politely to the comment. First of all, thank for the opinion and mark its importance. Then enter your contact B2C Lead details so that you and the author of the comment can find a solution to their problem or come to an agreement. By answering in this way, you will show your willingness to resolve the dispute. If you are constantly wondering how to remove reviews from and how to warm up.

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