Salaries and wage poverty in Spanish cities in the year

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Salaries and wage poverty in Spanish cities in the year of Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Share on Google Plus  and Alex Cost has some important advantages for the study of salaries in the territory: the reliability of the tax records, the territorial disaggregation for municipalities with more than 40,000 inhabitants, with a sufficient sample (with about 500,000 records with useful information for the estimation of salaries) and, finally, its punctuality, derived from the fact that its source of information is withholdings, which advances the availability of the results by at least one year with respect to the statistics that use the declarations as a source.

Taking into account the effect of the pandemic

Wages and wage poverty in our labor market, it has been natural to study these situations. To do this we have had to define the concept of “wage poverty”. Although it is popular to use a fixed threshold, 1,000 euros, to define workers in poverty as  whole. The results in wages and wage poverty for cities Russia WhatsApp Data  with more than are shown in the attached table. The information in the table, in addition to providing directly relevant data, opens up some interesting questions. We are going to focus on two: What is the relationship between average salaries and wage poverty? What are the factors that determine the results of Wage Poverty in the cities under study? Table 1: Average Wages and In-Work Poverty.2020 Source: own elaboration based on the MCVL.

The MCVL tax file does not include the Basque

Country or Navarra, which is why the cities of these Autonomous Communities do not appear. Relationship between Average Wages and Wage Poverty As can be seen in Figure 1, the relationship between Average Wage and  Tunisia WhatsApp Number List Wage Poverty is not very intense and there are also indications that it is a non-linear relationship. This perception is confirmed in Figure 2, with the results of the first model: a simple explanatory regression of Wage . Poverty with the  fit greater than 0.9 and with the two explanatory variables being significant. The reason is that a new variable was included, an indicator of wage. Wage Poverty depends not only on the average level of wages but also, very significantly, on their inequality.

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