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How to do customer group analysis and personalized marketing? According to research, about 90% of companies have some kind of loyalty program. Depending on.  Consumer purchasing habits.  Product characteristics, etc., companies will implement different loyalty programs to achieve both a good customer experience and an incentive effect. This article shares two major membership loyalty program cases and analyzes the three essential elements for effective membership marketing.


Tw major cases of membership loyalty programs: Starbucks and Uber One 


From the two major cases. we can . see how the membership loyalty program is implemented and continuously changed, and what elements they add to the program so that the program can achieve the stage goals.


Starbucks – the leader in loyalty programs 

Starbucks’ Starbucks program. In 2016, it added game elements to a simple points program and adjusted the  Mexico WhatsApp Number List program in 2019. It aims to encourage occasional customers to turn into loyal customers and adapt to the program at different stages. Goal adjustment system. Starbucks implements their loyalty program with these three elements:


 Add game elements 

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You may have seen more or . less relevant cases of “gamification marketing”, and now there are many . business examples to prove it; gamification is closely related to consumer psychology, and designers use this to improve participation and behavioral performance. These exquisite game mechanisms Each has its own corresponding consumer psychological motivation, which determines whether marketing strategies can establish long-term and close customer relationships.


Starbucks launched the Starbucks Odyssey program last year following the Web3 trend, and has launched new digital Nigeria WhatsApp Number List  experience activities in the past, all of which have added game elements to encourage members to complete challenges or tasks to earn points. In the future, they plan to launch a variety of task combinations, such as combining consumption Record menu challenge.

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