Reward activities can be design to

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Subsequent logistics and customer service are all factors that affect the long-term relationship between the customer and the Reward activities  brand.  guide customers to join the loyalty program and convey brand value through interaction. Customers are willing to actively provide information and build a complete profile to provide an experience that pays more attention to their nes. 6. Loyalty and support for loyalty leading brands will differentiate themselves at the bottom of the marketing funnel.

According to the harvard business review

Companies with excellent loyalty Reward activities  programs will grow 2.5 times faster than their competitors. The cost of bringing  Cambodia Telegram Number Data back first-time customers is much lower than acquiring new customers. A good marketing strategy will establish long-term relationships with customers. In addition to waking up potential customers. Developing a brand with loyal customer recommendations and feback is also an important foundation for growth.

The importance of marketing funnels the

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Marketing funnel is an analysis tool for finding opportunities. It analyzes the stages of attracting potential customers and  Armenia Telegram Number List converting them into customers. And then to loyal customers. It divides the goals and measurement indicators of the stages to examine the problem points and take action. The importance of marketing funnels for example. In the early stages of brand development. Most resources will be invest in acquiring new customers.

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