Product Carousels Are an Excellent

way to display multiple image previews for a promotion, enabling you to feature up to 10 unique images in a single carousel. Let’s take a closer look at guidelines through the process of creating product cards. Insert a link to an image of your logo in the designated field (Use an HTTPS (not HTTP) URL.) This logo will appear in Gmail’s inbox for the recipient to see. Enter a compelling subject line for your email in the space provided.

Product carousel example:

Use the “plus” sign icon to create the desired number of product cards for your carousel. To navigate between cards or delete any unwanted ones, simply Vietnam WhatsApp Number Data click on the corresponding number. Product carousel example creation Input a headline that will appear beneath the image on the product card. On the following line, insert a link to  and must use — https:// protocol (if the protocol is http://, the annotation will not be shown).

Product carousel example creation form:

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Input the product’s price, select the appropriate currency, and include any relevant discounts. Click the “Generate” button to obtain your code. Product carousel example generation Copy either JSON format or Microdata format — they both work well in our editor. Code generation To paste the embed code in your email, you need to open an HTML code editor, then insert the code where necessary: JSON goes to the <head> of your email, and MicroData goes to the <body>.

Code editor:

Creating a deal annotation Deal annotations provide an effective way to showcase text-based promotional information, such as promotion codes or expiration  B2C Lead  dates. Let’s go straight to the process of creating a deal annotation. Begin by inserting the path to your logo in the designated field, ensuring that it accurately represents your brand, and filling in the subject line for your email, capturing the essence of your promotion.
Deal annotation example Enter the following information about your promotion:

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