Have any idea how much we love Europe

Today’s “conservatives” in Russia tend to rave about the “tyranny of minorities” in Europe, the “dictatorship of the Western cre” or, more recently, the new “kdom” of values ​​in the European Union. However, their omissions are often just pale imitations of the works of Western paleoconservatives or nouvelle droite (new right) intellectuals like Paul Gottfri, Alain de Benoist, or Guillaume Faye. Angry men in the Kremlin There is a mark discrepancy between the strong sentiments emanat from the writs of 19th-century Russian intellectuals and those of their contemporary epigones.

Most of the former love Europe and

Suffer from its suppos decline. By contrast, the latter seem to be motivat primarily by resentment and hostility towards the “West”, sentiments that arise from an indigestible mix of arrogance and inferiority complexes. Alexei Khomiakov, the intellectual leader of the Slavophiles, and later. Fyodor Cyprus Phone Number List Dostoevsky, were deeply shock by what they saw across. Russia’s western borders. Both realiz, between sighs, that after the revolutionary upheavals of the late 18th and 19th centuries. Europe was out of its mind. And that their country was call to heal its wounds with the power of the Russian spirit.

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We Russians have two homelands our own

Russia and Europe, even though we call ourselves Slavophiles,” Dostoevsky said in his Diary of a Writer.of 1876. “Europe, this is someth terrible and sacr, Europe!” he wrote there the follow year. “Oh, gentlemen, do you (…) Europe, this ‘land of holy miracles’! Do you know how dear these ‘miracles’ are to us and how much we adore, with more than brotherly love and affection, those great tribes that populate it, along with all the great and glorious ths they have B2C Lead accomplish? Do you know how many tears we have sh and how our hearts have beat at the fate of this belov land, this homeland, and what fear fills us at the dark clouds that loom on its horizon?»5. The writs of contemporary pro-Kremlin intellectuals lack such affection.

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