Place-based policies: functional areas and employment policies

March 25, 2024 0 Comments

Place-based policies: functional areas and employment policies Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on LinkedIn Compartment in Google Plus By José A. Camacho, Mercedes Rodríguez and Jesús Molina. Institute of Regional Development of the University of Granada For years the measures to alleviate unemployment in the different Spanish regions have been based on a single recipe for the entire territory. Currently, employment policies developed at a regional and local level such as employment plans for young people: paying special attention to the heterogeneity of the productive and labor reality of the same. The existence of unique programs not focused on productive specialization or territorial particularities have caused very limited impacts on the generation of employment or the improvement of existing ones.

If we add to the above the effects of the pandemic

Generated by on the labor market, it becomes more necessary than ever to implement new active employment policies focused on the territory and its productive  New Zealand WhatsApp Data particularities, and its sensitivity. to the pandemic such as activities cyclical, caused by to develop active employment policies that are effective. It is necessary to consider the particularities of the territories, their most specific labor aspects, such as the levels of productive specialization of the different regions or the occupational segregation of its workers, for an adequate characterization of its labor market and the agents that intervene in it. In this sense, to achieve a greater approach to the labor reality of a territory, it is necessary to delimit a functional scope or operational area such as local employment markets.

According to the European Union, this division

The labor market should be taken as a strategic basis in the development and distribution of aid and programs aimed at employment. But to develop  Vietnam WhatsApp Number List useful employment policies, it is not enough to delimit these markets. Their characterization order to determine if there truly are productive, labor and socioeconomic differences between them. All active employment policies must develop programs to upskill and retrain and the economic recovery of the territories. Next Generation EU funds can be an important financing channel.

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