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It is possible that the income stream from the blog will only start after the wedding. This is important to take into account.  this , the blog does not become too commercial, because you do not “have to” get income from the blog. The more blogs (any blogs) are written with money in their eyes, the more rude the content is and the more the “money greedy” impression shines through. So if the couple’s goal is to generate income with their wedding blog, you should forget about the income it brings from the wedding budget.

When you are aware of

 If/when income comes, it will be a nice addition and extra. When special data should you start a wedding blog? Blogging takes time , as do wedding arrangements. That’s why I warmly recommend starting a wedding blog at the latest when the wedding date has been decided. But there’s nothing stopping you from starting a wedding blog right now, even if you’re not engaged yet. Writing a wedding blog helps you structure your wedding arrangements and think about your own future wedding in a versatile way.  your spouse will get excited about the blog and propose The topic of the wedding blog I know I’m boring, but the wedding blog should also be limited.

And who knows, maybe

 You should think about the topic of the wedding blog from 3-4 points of view Which aspects of the wedding are your strengths? Which aspects of the wedding B2C Lead are interesting to you? or a combination of them is searched on Google? Are there affiliate products in this topic area? The fourth point should only be taken into account in the situation if commercialization is the goal. The other three points are essentially related to getting readers. For example, if the bride is a passionate craftsperson , it is natural to define the topic of the wedding blog from the point of view of decoration. 

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